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October 17th, 2017


 October 12th, 2017

Last day to adopt resolution permitting absentee ballots at the Annual Election.  Absentee ballots are optional for fire districts.  If previously approved, does not have to be redone.


November 2nd , 2017

Request County Board of Elections provide a list of registered voters as of November 20th and to provide the list to the district by November 21st and order voting machines or other equipment and telephone coverage for the night of the election, if desired and available.


November 2nd , 2017

Last day to adopt resolutions designating Fire District Board of Elections, including Chairman and Election Inspectors and/or Ballot Clerks, fixing compensation of the individual members of the District Board of Elections


November 8th – 15th, 2017

Publish Notice of Election in district newspaper designating  the dates on which the Inspectors of Election will prepare the register, the place where the registration and election will be held, the hours of the meeting and of the election, and  last day for registration and procedure for absentee ballots


November 20st  , 2017

Last day to register at County Board of Elections to be eligible to vote on December 13th, 2016 in Annual District Election


November 21st , 2017

County Board of Elections to mail lists of registered voters to Fire District Secretary.


November 22nd , 2017

Last day to file petitions for candidates for office, if required, or notify secretary in writing of intent to run for office if petition not required.


November 20th  – December 12th, 2017

Post Notice of Election on district website and signboard, if any, at least 15, but not more than 20 days before date of election.

TL§175-c (1).

November 20th  – December 12th, 2017

Copy of Notice of Election to town clerk for posting on municipal website, if any, bulletin board and signboard, if any,  at least 15, but not more than 20 days before date of election.


NOTE: These notices [for websites, signboards and bulletin boards]  must include time and place of election, officers to be elected,  term of office and any other details regarding matters to be voted on  as well as hours of polls being open for balloting.   Suggest using regular Notice of Election published in district newspaper.


November 27th, 2017

Suggested meeting date for Fire District Board of Elections to prepare register.  Can be any other date you choose after receiving registration books.


November 29th, 2017

If absentee voting is permitted, mail absentee ballots to any registered voter whose registration record is marked “permanently disabled” or earlier on receipt of list  from County Board of Elections.


December 5th , 2017

Last day to receive application for absentee ballot if the ballot is to be mailed


December 11th, 2017

Last day to receive application for absentee ballots if it is delivered personally to the voter or his/her agent.



December 12th, 2017

Election Day- 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. minimum may be additional consecutive hours prior to 6:00 p.m.


December 15th, 2017

File results (Canvass of Election) with Town Clerk.


December 19th , 2017

Secretary to deliver a report to the County Board of Elections indicating the persons on the list of registered voters labeled “inactive” who voted at the fire district election.


Fall Seminar Scheduled for November

September 3rd, 2017

Attached is the flyer and registration form for the fall seminar being held on Saturday November 11th.


AFD-CA Fall 2017 Workshop Flyer

7:30-8:00              Registration & Continental Breakfast

  8:00-8:10             Pledge to the Flag & Welcome:  Capital Area Association Officers

 8:10-9:15             Managing Human Resource Issues in the Fire Service: MICHAEL DALLESSANDRO, Fire Department Consultant (Volunteer & Combination) and current President and Life Member of the Grand Island, NY Volunteer Fire Company

 9:15-10:15          The Public Information Officer’s (PIO) Role in the Fire District:  ARTHUR HUNSINGER, Chief of the Clifton Park-Halfmoon Fire Department and Television Producer & Director  


10:15-10:30        Networking Break                        

 10:30-12:00        Ask the Attorneys Panel – Do you have Questions, Concerns, Policies, Procedure, Ideas or Plans that require some legal guidance?  Now is your chance!  Attorneys Panel: JOHN CLARK, Esq., TERENCE S.HANNIGAN, Esq., TIMOTHY C. HANNIGAN Hannigan, Esq., and WILLIAM N. YOUNG, JR. Esq. will be available to take questions from our attendees.




Budget Calendar for 2017

September 3rd, 2017

Budget Process Calendar for 2017

 On or before September 26th 2017

Required Action Adopt proposed budget for 2018, including fund balance estimate for 2017 (Town Law [“TL”] §181[2]).

File budget with fire district secretary (TL§181[3]).

Post budget on fire district’s website (if district maintains as website) (TL§181[3]).

Provide copy of proposed budget for 2018, including fund balance estimate for 2017 to town clerk of towns in which district is located. (no statutory reference, but best practice)

 September 27th ; October 2nd  2017

Required Action Post notice of budget hearing on fire district website and signboard (if district maintains a website/signboard) (TL§175-c[1]).

Provide copy of notice of budget hearing to town clerk of towns in which district is located. (Each town clerk must post the notice on their town’s website and on clerk’s bulletin board and town signboard)(TL§175-c[2]).

Provide copy of notice of budget hearing to town clerk of towns and secretaries of fire districts with which district contracts. (Each town clerk and fire district secretary receiving notice must post it on the town or district website; town clerks must also post the notice on clerk’s bulletin board and town signboard) (TL§175c-[2]).

Annual Date On or before 5 days prior to budget hearing

On or before October 12th 2017

Required Action Publish notice of budget hearing in official newspaper or, if not official newspaper, in newspaper having general circulation in district, and publicly post notice (TL§181[3][a]).

Post published notice on fire district’s website (if district maintains a website)(TL§181[3][a]).

Provide copy of proposed budget for public inspection to town clerk of towns in which district is located [see September 27th tasks stated above] (TL§181[3][a]).

Provide copy of published notice to town clerk of towns in which district is located (Each town clerk must post the notice on the town’s website and on the town signboard) (TL§181[3][a]).

After adopting proposed budget complete tax cap levy form for New York Comptroller’s Office and “save” but do not submit. Determine if proposed budget will exceed tax cap (GML§ 3-c(3))

 On Tuesday October 17th 2017

Required Action Hold budget hearing (TL§181[3][a]). Required Action Hold budget hearing (TL§181[3][a]).

October 17st ; November 3rd  2017

Required Action Subject to certain restrictions, make changes, alternations and revisions to proposed budget (TL§181[3][b]).

Before adopting Fire District Annual Budget determine if the tax levy will exceed tax levy cap and if so the Fire District must pass a resolution by a 60% vote of its board to override the tax cap (GML§ 3-c(5))

 On or before November 4th 2017

Required Action Before adopting Fire District Annual Budget and after passing any resolutions necessary to override the tax cap levy “submit” the Fire District budget/ tax cap form to the New York State Comptroller’s Office on the form prescribed by them. (GML3-c(7))

Adopt fire district annual budget (TL§181[3][b]).

 On or before November 7th 2017

Required Action Fire district secretary delivers two (2) certified copies of fire district annual budget to town clerk of towns in which district is located (TL§181[3][c]) and obtains receipt.

Tax Cap Filing Tax Growth Factors

August 18th, 2017

This year’s tax cap figure is 1.84% and the Special District growth factors which you need to file your tax cap information is listed by county at this OSC web site:


Tell The Governor You Would Like This Bill Passed

July 27th, 2017

The Cancer Bill Has Passed the Legislature – Tell the Governor He Needs to Sign It  – Do it right now!!

Cancer coverage for volunteer firefighters has passed both Houses of the Legislature and is waiting to go to Governor Andrew Cuomo for final action. We need every volunteer firefighter, and their family members, in New York to call AND email Governor Cuomo. Follow the links below!

Click here to send an email:  Take Action 

Click here to make a call:  Take Action 

DECON Yourself At the Scene of a Fire

June 20th, 2017

Properly Deconing Yourself at the Scene of a Fire


  1. Remove Wipes from packet and fully open to take advantage of the whole wipe. If both sides of the wipe become soiled during the process, use additional wipes as needed
  2. Start with your eyelids and external corners around your eyes. Action Wipes contain no alcohol or harmful chemicals to further irritate or harm your skin
  3. Clean your hands, lips and surrounding skin BEFORE hydrating. If you are thirsty and cannot wait to hydrate, be sure to clean your hands off before grabbing a beverage
  4. Your nose has a lot of blood vessels close to the skin that easily absorb contaminants. Clean inside and around the folds of your nose
  5. Be sure to get inside and around the back of your ears
  6. Get all around your neck and make sure you get all sides as well as under your shirt collar
  7. Wipe down your hair
  8. Use a clean side of the wipe to thoroughly clean your arms. Be sure to mop up the soot and debris and not just spread it around
  9. Clean your hands and be sure to get in-between your fingers and underneath any rings or bracelets
  10. Get as much of the debris out of your fingernails
  11. Underarms and groin are dense with hair follicles and very important to clean, since they can capture and hold debris
  12. Be sure to wipe down below your belt and into your groin to remove as much debris and contaminants as possible.
  13. Don’t forget to blow your nose and TAKE A SHOWER at your earliest opportunity


Do not forget, these can also be used to DECON Equipment before it is washed or that cannot be washed  {ie. helmet, ear-flaps, SCBA, Portable Radio etc.}

Considering a Municipal Lease Agreement – Read This First

June 10th, 2017

A municipal lease can be much more complicated than you might imagine, read this before you decide to make a move.


Regional Director Election Results

March 13th, 2017

The State Association gathered on March 10th for their Board Meeting at the Saratoga Casino Hotel and to count the ballots for regional director for region 1.  A number of people oversaw the election including Counsel Joe Frank.  The results of the balloting was between three candidates and the count from highest to lowest was Norm Petricca, Joyce Petkus, and John Erickson.  Norm and Joyce will be sworn in at the Annual Meeting being held at the Desmond from April 20th to the 22nd.

We wish the best for departing Director John Erickson and we thank him for his service to the State Association.

State Association Training Courses for 2017 Commissioner – Secretary- Treasurer

December 6th, 2016

Additional Course Added in Suffolk County on June 10th 8am at Riverhead Fire District, being taught by Bill Glass






Cathy DeLuca

Program Coordinator

Association of Fire Districts

of the State of New York



Capital Area Officers for 2017

November 12th, 2016
  • Capital Area Election Results as of the meeting on November 10th. You missed the refreshments again!!
    • President John Meehan
    • 1st Vice President Tom Rinaldi
    • 2nd Vice President Alan Hodges
    • 5 Director’s Positions Tom Wood (Northumberland), Les Bonesteel (Burnt Hills), Joyce Petkus (Greenfield), Don Kugler (Greenfield), Ed Woehrle (Niskayuna #1)

We want to wish a fond farewell to John Goddard of the Burnt Hills Fire Department who will be moving out of the area to take a position with the State of North Carolina.  We congratulate John but will also miss his input and dedication.

Latest By-Laws Adopted by Association

September 10th, 2016

By-Laws adopted by the Association membership at the September 8th meeting.  Essentially the changes involved reorganization of the paragraphs and improved readability.


Changes to the Firefighter 1 Course Announced by OFPC

April 25th, 2016

From Bryant Stevens, State Fire Administrator

In an effort to assure that our programs continue to be of the highest quality and meet the needs of New York’s firefighters, OFPC reassembled the stakeholder’s curriculum work group, made up of OFPC members and representatives from statewide organizations, that was used to develop the original curriculum to review the feedback and make recommendations that will further enhance the program.

Based on their recommendations, a separate group has worked to improve both the curriculum and the delivery system.  As a result of their work, the program’s delivery principles were modified extensively.  This modified program has been finalized and deliveries under this new format are slated to begin September 1, 2016.

Fire Departments and Fire Service Organizations can learn about the important changes being made to the program, by going to our website:  Click on the banner entitled upcoming changes to the Firefighter I program.  The narrated power point presentation will take you through the new program.

OFPC members are also available for live presentations or to answer questions.  If interested, contact John Gilmore, Chief of Fire Operations and Training at 518-474-6746 or

Many thanks go out to the members of the NYS Fire Coordinator’s Association, Firemen’s Association of the State of New York, New York State Association of Fire Chiefs, New York State Association of Fire Districts, NYS Department of Labor, and those State Fire Instructors who served as members of the stakeholders working group.  Their input has been invaluable to creating what we believe are positive changes that will not only benefit all students who attend the program, but as importantly, produce effectively trained firefighters.