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August 2nd, 2022

Join here, new membership divisions including individuals and other fire service organizations/associations


2022 Application

Election Schedule for 2022

July 1st, 2022

Open the link to the Election Schedule HERE: 2022 Election Schedule

Budget Schedule for 2022

July 1st, 2022

Open the Budget Schedule Calendar for 2022 Here:

2022 Budget Schedule

Updated By-Laws Approved by the Board of Directors

June 10th, 2022

The Capital Area By-Laws have been updated and adopted by the Board of Directors at the June, 2022 meeting.

Highlights include; A new Associate Membership class which will welcome not only individuals but other county or regional associations, a redefined purpose, revised voting rights and a revised dues structure.  The new By-Laws are here: AFDCA By Laws rev 0622



April 14th, 2022

LGS-1 Records Common in Fire Districts (updated 2022)

  • The LGS-1 Retention and Disposition Schedule must be adopted prior to records disposition. In addition, prior to disposition, staff should consult the appropriate LGS-1 Schedule item cited to read full descriptions and review details on notes where indicated.
  • Review the LGS-1 Schedule to find records not listed on this document.
  • The LGS-1 introduction includes instructions, exceptions to the schedule, a sample resolution for adopting, Archives and other agency contact details.
  • LGS-1 HTML and PDF formats:
  • Contact 518-486-4823 or for assistance.


EMS Cost Recovery Passes after 25 year Battle

April 8th, 2022

EMS Cost Recovery has passed both houses of the State Legislature! The New York State Fire Service Alliance has long fought for the right of volunteer EMS to recover costs associated with their services. Prior to this legislation, New York was one of very few states that did not allow this. Volunteer EMS will now have the option to recover costs thanks to this bill, which would not have been possible without the support of legislators and, of course, our members. Thank you to all who helped make this legislation happen!


December 18th, 2021

(Member / Appointing Authority)

Elisha Tomko, Chair / Governor

Karren Bee-Donohoe / Ex-officio, State University of New York

James Cable / Ex-officio, State Fire Administrator

Donald Corkery / Ex-officio, Association of Fire Districts

John Farrell, Jr. / Ex-officio, Fireman’s Association of New York

Donald Forbes / Minority Leader of the Assembly

Felipe Hernandez, Jr. / Governor

Arthur Hunsinger / Minority Leader of the Senate

Brittany Kitterman / Ex-officio, State Education Department

Kevin Klein / Temporary President of the Senate

Steven Klein / Speaker of the Assembly

Robert Kloepfer, Jr / Ex-officio, Association of Fire Chiefs

Gerald Knapp / Governor

Luci Labriola-Cuffe / Governor

Robert McConville / Speaker of the Assembly

Mary Alice Molgard / Governor

Kelly Murphy / Temporary President of the Senate

Scott Palladino / Ex-officio, Department of Taxation and Finance

Bill Streicher / Ex-officio, County Fire Coordinators Association

Stephanie Tubbs / Ex-officio, Department of Labor

Mandate: The Task Force is responsible for making recommendations to improve volunteer firefighter recruitment and retention. The Task Force is required to submit a report to the Governor and the Legislature on its recommendations to include the following:

  1. Identifying existing Office of Fire Prevention and Control firefighter training and delivery methods to enhance and streamline training including the use of distance learning;
  2. The utilization of community colleges, BOCES or state accredited high schools to train firefighters and the creation of pilot programs that will offer Firefighter 1 certification;
  3. Analyzing the feasibility and necessity of creating a recruitment and retention unit within the Office of Fire Prevention and Control;
  4. Identifying existing and new tax incentives and benefits for volunteer firefighters;
  5. Identifying existing recruitment and retention programs in other states and the feasibility of adopting similar programs in New York; and
  6. Identifying incentives to assist in the recruitment of volunteer firefighters in under-represented and at-risk populations.

Task Force Web Site:

Outline for the Fire District Annual Organizational Meeting

December 11th, 2021

Attached is an outline of all the items to be considered during the Annual Fire District Organizational Meeting to be held the first 15 days in January.


New York State Fire Service Alliance Legislative Issues for the 2022 Legislative Session

December 8th, 2021

The members of the NYS Fire Service Alliance met in Troy, NY on December 4th to determine the 2022 Issues of United Concern.  These are the legislative priorities that were decided upon:

  1. Fair Play Cost Recovery for Fire Departments – Empowers the authority having jurisdiction which provides emergency medical services to have the option of establishing fees and charges for services. During the 2021 session, this bill passed the Senate. It moved from the Assembly Local Governments committee to the Assembly Ways and Means Committee where it will start for the 2022 session.  [S.7186 Brooks/A.534A Jones]
  2. Recruitment and Retention Task Force – Make a chapter amendment to the legislation which created the Recruitment and Retention Task Force to move the date a report is due on its findings to December 31st, 2022, rather than the now unattainable date of April 1st, 2022. [S.7589-B Gaughran/A.9779-A Thiele original legislation; S.864 Gaughran/ A.968 Thiele already passed chapter amendment]
  3. Reckless Endangerment of an Emergency Service Person – Amend the penal law by adding a new section creating the crime of reckless endangerment of an emergency service person in the second degree. A person is guilty when they knowingly alter or convert a building that impedes egress, and an emergency service person is injured or dies as a result. This would be classified as a class D felony.[S3741 Gaughran/A6087 Zebrowski]
  4. Timely Adoption of Updated State Fire and Building Prevention Code – Would require that a new building code as published by ICC would be adopted by the NYS Codes Council within two code cycles (6 years). [S.6210-A Skoufis/A.3559-A Hunter provides a framework to accomplish; support amendments to extending the timeline of enactment from 12 months to 72 months]
  5. Restoration of Dedicated Code Enforcement Funding – The funds in Section 54g of State Finance Law provide state assistance to local governments for support of activities related to fire prevention and building codes. This money has been swept into the General Fund and not used for its intended purpose for 29 years. [S.6970 Kavanagh]
  6. Pre-Budget ad hoc committee efforts to:

A.) Return local control for use of the cellular 911 communications fees to the counties

B.) Provide state-based funding for books used by the students of the basic fire education courses, specifically BFO & IFO courses and

C.) Provide state funding to offset the cost of the NYS Firefighter’s Cancer Benefit Program to the AHJ paying the premiums

  1. If The Family & Firefighter Protection Act, which prohibits the sale of mattresses or upholstered furniture that contain intentionally added identified flame retardant chemicals to individuals or households for personal use in residential spaces, gets vetoed this year, the Alliance organizations will reintroduce the measure for the 2022 session. [S.4630-B Kaminsky/Harckham/A.5418-B Englebright]

As these measures work through the legislative process, the Fire Service Alliance will reconvene to strategize and/or identify additional measures to be considered by the Legislature.

What You Need to Know About the Proposed Revisions to the OSHA Fire Brigade Standard

November 16th, 2021

OSHA has proposed a revision to 1910.156 Fire Brigade Standard Attached) that would have significant impacts on how we do business as NYS Fire Districts. This is not a new initiative (been around since at least 2016) but it recently came off the sidelines and is trucking full speed ahead.




Contact your federal representatives, congress person and senator!!

Letter Templates available here for those in the immediate Capital Area.

If your Congressperson is different just substitute their name where appropriate.

Letter to Congressman Paul Tonko,

Letter to Kirsten Gillibrand,

Letter to Charles Schumer,

Letter to Elise Stefanik,

Cancer Benefit Program State Reporting Requirements

November 16th, 2021

Please read and responds appropriately related to the deadlines for the Cancer Benefit Program from OFPC.

2021 VFECDB Letter final


November 7th, 2021

For 2022 the current officers and directors were unanimously re-elected.

President, Tom Rinaldi

1st Vice President, John Meehan

2nd Vice President, Art Hunsinger

Directors: Les Bonesteel, Tom Wood, Joyce Petkus, Ed Woehrle and Mike Podolec

Our Secretary/Treasurer, Sargent at Arms and Chaplin will be appointed at the January meeting.

Tentative Meeting Schedule for 2022: Saturday January 8th, 9AM, the remaining meetings will take place on Thursday evenings; March 10th, May 12th, July 14th, September 8th, and November 10th.